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What is horticultural fleece used for?


Horticultural fleece is a vegetable fiber obtain from the cotton plant. This material has been use for years for the production of clothing, as its lightness and strength allow for durable garments.

Increasingly used by the fashion industry, its versatility has allowed its use in multiple situations. This is because it is an elastic material that adapts perfectly to each garment, making them much more comfortable, but at the same time perfectly resistant to abrasion, heat and cold.  As is well know, the trend of using fleece in the fashion industry has spread to other sectors, such as agriculture. Specifically, in this sector, the so-called horticultural fleece is use, which has very special properties. These properties make the fleece a more resistant and durable material when applied to crops.

On the one hand, horticultural fleece is a material that adjusts or adapts perfectly to the surface of crops, such as vegetables, fruits and other horticultural products. This adaptation is vital to avoid damage from inclement weather, animals and the sun’s rays. Another great advantage of using horticultural fleece is that it allows crops to experience greater growth. This is because the material helps to keep the moisture and temperature balanced within the soil, thus allowing for better plant development and growth. This makes it possible for farmers to obtain better harvests of their produce.

In addition, horticultural fleece is also a very abrasion-resistant material

This means that it protects the soil from the impacts of different climatic elements, such as rain, sun and wind. This prevents soil erosion and makes crops more robust. It is also use to seal manures and fertilizers. This allows for more efficient absorption of nutrients by plant roots, which aids in better growth and productivity.

Horticultural fleece has become a very useful material for agriculture. As a light, flexible and abrasion-resistant material, it has enabled farmers to have more abundant and better quality crops. In addition, it also protects crops from the different climatic elements, making the soil more stable and impervious to erosion. All this makes horticultural fleece an indispensable material for modern agriculture.

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Horticultural fleece is a very useful material for agriculture as it is a light, flexible and abrasion resistant blanket.

Characteristics of a horticultural fleece

It is made from a mixture of cotton fibers, flax and some other plants to provide plants with a healthy environment. This material is ideal for providing good drainage to the soil, which means nutrients are better absorbed into the soil, resulting in better crops.

This mixture of soil materials provides other benefits. For example, one of the biggest benefits is the amount of sunlight reaching the soil, which greatly reduces weed growths. This means farmers can keep herbicide levels low. It also functions as a temperature controller for the soil, maintaining warmth during the winter, which prevents freezing and crop destruction. Horticultural fleece also helps to decrease soil compression, resulting in less soil deterioration and less risk of erosion.

One of the most important benefits of horticultural fleece include improved soil structure, more stable water levels and more moisture for the soil

This means there is less risk of drought damage to crops. In addition, the fleece also provides nutrients to the soil, allowing plants to obtain the necessary nutrients for proper growth. This product is an easily decomposable biodegradable product, so there is no need to worry about waste. This means that farmers can dispose of the material without any problems once it contributes to the soil. The fleece has to be processed to a particle size of between 4mm and 8mm to benefit from its properties and for optimal results it should be recycled once decomposed.

Horticultural fleece is one of the most effective organic materials available on the market for good yields. It provides excellent drainage, adequate sunlight levels, stable temperatures, reduces weed growth, provides nutrients to the soil, improves soil structure and decomposes easily. With these characteristics, horticultural fleece is an excellent choice for the cutting-edge organic farmer.

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In addition, it also protects crops from different climatic elements, making the soil more stable and impervious to erosion.

Main functions of a horticultural fleece

This tool has become an indispensable solution for those who wish to keep their gardens and orchards clean. It can also serve to protect paths while preventing insects, weeds and grasses from damaging plants.

The main functions of a horticultural fleece are this:


Horticultural fleece prevents weeds, grasses, insects and any other intruders from entering the growing area. This prevents the uncontrolled growth of weeds and insects, which means that your plants will have a better chance of reaching their full potential.

Heat retention:

Because horticultural fleece keeps the soil warm, it is especially recommended for use in the dead of winter. This ensures that your plants receive a perfect growing temperature. This means your vegetables will grow healthier and stronger.

Moisture conservation:

With horticultural fleece, an optimal amount of water is retained in the soil. This means that soils will not suffer from excessive dryness or waterlogging due to heavy rainfall. Moisture retention means that your plants will automatically have water, which will lead to better growing results.

Prevention of deterioration:

Using a horticultural fleece helps prevent soil deterioration due to overuse. This is because it provides a protective cover that prevents the soil from wearing away or losing its stability. This means that the soil will not have to be replaced as often and its stability will be guaranteed for longer.


Horticultural fleeces help provide an aesthetic appearance to cultivated fields. This makes the growing area more attractive to the landowner and eye-catching to visitors. This makes people feel that you take care of your garden and that the task of gardening has become less boring.

In conclusion, a horticultural fleece is an extremely useful tool for those who wish to keep their orchards and gardens clean. It provides numerous functions that protect. Preserve and improve the soil so that you can get the best possible results from your crops. If you want to keep your growing area safe, sound and healthy. Then horticultural fleece is an item that you cannot overlook.

horticultural fleece
To keep your growing area safe, sound and healthy, purchasing horticultural fleece is the best option.