How to protect your crop in winter. thermal blanket INVERNAVELO

When the autumn and winter seasons begin to arrive, your crops will be threatened by low temperatures.

The INVERNAVELO® mesh will protect your crop from the devastating frosts

Thanks to the fact that it can be installed in the form of a microtunnel, it protects your crop from low temperatures thanks to the microclimate that forms between the blanket and the crop.

The INVERNAVELO cover is the best option to protect your crops from the cold, especially those crops that are in a warm climate, it prevents short frosts from causing significant losses, prevents frozen drops of night dew from falling on the crop, keeping them on top of the fabric, keeping the internal heat of the greenhouse

Forcing crops with INVERNAVELO non-woven fabric. 

Achieving this ideal microclimate around the furrows that causes forcing the seed and the seedling by heating the soil and trapping the temperature in this thermal mattress, allows to advance vegetative growth during a time that other farmers, who do not use this technology, still do not they are encouraged to sow or transplant. These days of advantages allow the horticulturist who uses INVERNAVELO to uncover his plants when the weather is already warmer and the flowering plants ready to receive pollinating insects or the wind.

INVERNAVELO as a anti-insects barrier

The main objective of using this blanket as an insect and pest barrier is to prevent crops from being affected by arthropods such as flea beetle, carrot fly and cabbage beetle by keeping them out. By installing this system, you are creating an efficient physical barrier that would eliminate the need for synthetic pesticides thus avoiding collateral damage to crops.

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